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Our backdrops are printed on 100% Polyester Fabric. Polyester Fabric can be machine washed with cold water on gentle cycle with MILD soap.  Air dry fabric on a backdrop stand or lay flat. DO NOT TUMBLE DRY, BLEACH OR IRON polyester fabric backdrops. Fabric must be completely dry prior to storing. Store in cool, dry area. DO NOT DRY CLEAN. Limit the amount of washing to keep your fabric backdrop colors vibrant. Spot clean, if possible. 


Hang Up the Backdrop to Treat the Wrinkles

Use a [spray bottle] (can be filled with cool water) to spray the wrinkles until they're damp. The water of spray will smooth out the wrinkles. Also, you can choose a [hand-held steamer] to treat the wrinkles with steam (Low temperature)

Stands and Clamps are great supports

Polyester backdrops are foldable and should avoid being rolled up.  Rolling it up will enhance wrinkles and then its’ appearance.

A stand and clamps are perfect when you clean as well as use your backdrops. They can keep your backdrop smooth and prevent wrinkles and creases.

Avoid Frequent Ironing

Pay attention to the temperature of steam ironing. The heat of the iron may do harm to the fabric and then the backdrop. If it is necessary, please set a low temperature to remove the wrinkles on the opposite side of the backdrop. Use the iron slowly over the wrinkles over a short period of time.

Allow the Backdrop to Air Dry

After cleaning the backdrop or removing the wrinkles, it is best to hang the backdrop up and air dry. This will help dry the backdrop all around and remove wrinkles. It may need 24 hours.


If you want to dry your backdrops with a dryer, please remember to set the dryer on LOW HEAT. Dry for approximately 20 minutes and then hang up.




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